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VIU Studio is about people that believe audience demands great content and high quality, no matter if they are watching a live stream or interfacing with social media.

We create shows that leverage the audience experience. We dive on groups and communities to really reach our viewers. We add creativity and make it better every day.
We communicate your company or personal brand in an unique efficient way. We enjoy bringing amazing results.

If you need to reach your customers through videos, live events, streamings, internet or tv programs and social media, just contact us.

We are ready to enchant your audience.


Copa América 2016

Official tournament for all the Blizzard Entertainment franchises. More than 190 days of tournament broadcasts every year. High quality production, including: Shoutcasters, Graphics, Videos, Content Generation, Replays, Social Media, Tournament Administration, and much more.


Trading card game, with appeal to casual and hardcore players alike.

VIU approaches the franchise by not only bringing the competition together, but also mixing in basic and advanced strategic information of the game together through game specialists.


The most traditional e-sport in the market, a real-time strategy game that reaches the fancy of even the most hardcore players.

VIU approaches this franchise by combining the emotion of shoutcasting spectacular battles with comments about the strategies employed and its execution.


Team-based 5v5 combat, that combines characters and lore of all existing Blizzard franchises.

VIU approaches not only the coordination of the team strategy, but also how each player performs their role, and how it impacts the team dynamics.


Team-based 3v3 combat, in which player characters dive into arenas to battle each other while performing their roles.

VIU approaches this in two moments. The first is the battle itself, narrating the action that takes place. In the second moment, game replay, with more in depth commentary.


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Complete running of games & e-sports events, by bringing together players, fans and brands in an amazing professional live experience.

Concept & Strategy
Tournaments Administration
Community Management
Casters, Sponsors & Partners
Streaming Show
Graphic Package
2D and 3D Animation
Teasers, Interviews, Replays
Web and Social Media
Targets & Reports
Live Events



Conception, Strategy, Content and Execution of great YouTube Channels and TV Shows.

Tv & YouTube Channels
Concept & Strategy
Content Development
Hosts, Sponsors & Partners
Graphic & Video Package
Live Transmission
Recording & Editing
Web and Social Media
Targets & Reports
Live Events
Studio Rental



Branding development for Companies and Individuals, by nurturing its relationship with customers and fans, always according to the company or person’s positioning.

Companies & Individuals
Live Transmission
Live Event Management
Concept & Strategy
Content Development
Web & Social Media
Graphic & Video Package
Recording & Editing
Target & Reports
Sponsors & Partners
Studio Rental

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VIU was founded in 2013 in São Paulo, Brazil.
It’s motto “Technology, at the service of Passion, to create the best Entertainment” has been the fuel that propels amazing creations every day.